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It is the year 2000, and technology has become sentient due to the Y2K Bug. But, rather than wanting to overthrow it, technology has wanted to befriend humanity! This series follows the bizarre adventures of Petey Wirtz, a small, deadpan, beige computer living in a town full of sentient technology like lawnmowers, barbecues and more.

The series is one of the flagship series on Screenie Meenies, an up-and-coming indie animation group, alongside other shows like The Blorgz!, Comet Crusaders, Star Sweepers, and other wildly original animated series, premiering predominantly in 2020.

Prepare for life to get's Reality Bytes!

Check out the Screenie Meenies website for more info on upcoming projects and stuff! It's not finished, but it's a start.

(c) 2018 John Hoare. Anything shamelessly ripped off kindly reused here from anywhere else is copyright of its original owner, or something like that.