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Minimalism? Simple colours and shapes? Screw off, this is where bevels and tacky 2000s design are welcomed.

Welcome to the online home of John Hoare, a daydreaming dolt of an artist living in 1999.

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25 July 2018: Site launched. Work will be done on it in time.

18 September 2018: Added functional buttons and some new pages.

19 March 2019: Nothing else happens. I just wanted to let ya know I'm alive. And I'm entering pre-production on a cartoon soon!

16 November 2019 - Guess who's back? I updated this website and put a whole buncha new stuff. Enjoy!

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(c) 2018 John Hoare. Anything shamelessly ripped off kindly reused here from anywhere else is copyright of its original owner, or something like that.