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I suppose it's high time you met the guy who created this website.

I'm John, a young cartoonist from the shrubs of Victoria, Australia.

I'm an Aspie with big aspirations to become an animator/cartoonist some day.

My main YouTube account is called John Hoare Animation (what a creative name!!). That's where I upload all of my more good-looking cartoons and stuff. You can check it out here:

My other YouTube account is called TrustyCranberry. That's where I upload all manner of useless content, from stopmotion remakes to sloppily animated 2D cartoons to any obscure media I find lying around. You can find it right here:

I mainly do stopmotion animation with Lego, although I do sometimes make paper-cut-out animations (a la Monty Python or South Park). I animate in 2D with Flipnote Studio 3D, a handheld animation software by Nintendo for the 3DS. I also have limited knowledge with Maya 2017. I'm also beginning to create funni haha lol cartoons using Flash CS6 and CC 2015!

(And yes, I know it's outdated as all hell, but shut up, it's useful.)

Hit me up with an email2.gif (20906 bytes) at


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